The Hazara – The Cemetery – Multimedia

The Hazara Qabristan – Hazara cemetery situated on the outskirts of the Hazara neighborhood of Mehr Abad and in the shadow of the Koh-i-Murad hills, is a sacred space for the community. At its center, demarcated by a low cement walls and clearly visible from afar because of the many prayer flags placed there it, are the tombstones of those killed in sectarian attacks against the community. The way to these martyr tombstones takes you through a narrow corridor lined with photographs of those killed. At any time of the day you can find dozens of men and women sitting by the graves reading prayer books, reciting verses from the Koran, or quietly mourning their loved ones. The air around the cemetery hangs heavy with fear, with sorrow, and with anger. With attacks against the community continuing, the cemetery – located on the outskirts of the urban centers of Hazara life, is fast becoming the center of its concerns and focus.