Dinesh Khanna is a photographer and a friend.  Based in India he has been working on a project with First City Magazine examining the contradictions and ironies of life in his native country of India.

I loved this image of his because of how quietly it provokes so many thoughts and speaks to so many truths.

A goddess, worshiped, cared for and loved perhaps just a few hours earlier, now lies in a garbage heap, stripped of all her divine powers, and left in her essence; waste.

A god who served her purpose.

Some, righteous and arrogant, will see this as an image of a Hindu god.

Much like the Lahori booksellers I met some years ago who were proudly selling copies of Bertrand Russell’s Why I Am Not A Christian, not realizing that Russell’s was an argument not against Christianity, but against all religions!

But this image is in fact an image of all religious philosophies – used as they are to serve the base instincts of man and discarded when in conflict with these instincts.

The goddess has been humbled.

Will man ever be?