That can either be me talking about you, or your judgment of what I listen to these days. So enjoy it regardless!

The Carolina Chocolate Drops are an old style, talented, string band carrying on the tradition of some of the greatest string musicians from North and South Carolina. Tell me that Rhiannon Giddens voice isn’t simply hair raising!

The next videos is from the brilliant documenta/film called Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus – A tour of the American south through its music and its people.

I loved this film so much that I have been listening to the likes of Jim White, Wovenhand, Johnny Dowd, Mellisa Swingle, and The Handsome Family ever since!

This scene from the film, an interview with Lee Sexton, should be a photograph! I remember watching it the first time and thinking that I would love to have been there to shoot the moment – that perfect artificial light, the beautiful window beam, that perfect and magnificent presence of age and experience embodied in this man. The scene only gets better in the second session when a younger man joins him in the interview – this is a beautiful photographic moment! This is an American light!

David Eugene Edwards – the lead singer of what was once 16 Horsepower and now, more recently Wovenhand was also introduced to me by this film. This is Christian music but seriously spiritual music. Not the cheesy, mass produced, muzak you find in religious bookstores. This is the sound of the belief of the South and in it one begins to see and understand a certain side of America that we often ignore what with our obsession with things New York, LA or Chicago!

Then there was the beautiful Melissa Swingle who appeared in a short clip on the film and stole my heart! Well, my musical heart with the striking, jagged, interupted voice that had so much vulnerability in it that one could not help but be smitten. She lead for the band Trailer Bride, which has disbanded and now she is with a band called The Moaners – hard,, southern rock that I am not such a big fan of. But Melissa remains a wonderful talent – see her song on the film itself!

Moving on: Adem – brilliant, individual singer, you have to listen to. His new album ‘Takes’ is a must:


There will be more in the near future!