On the anniversary of the death of the man who in many ways changed my life…once I understood how to read, hear and comprehend his works. I wrote about his impact on my life in an earlier post titled Unraveling Bitter Threads & I refer to his works in a piece I wrote about the genocide in Bangladesh called The Dust From Blood Filled Eyes: On Bangladesh And The Acknowledgement Of Crimes.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz died on 20th November 1984.

The BBC Urdu service produced a small documentary about Faiz. It is in Urdu – I wish there was a version I could share with everyone. Its quite simple, but I suppose when you have lost something you love, anything will do.

Here is a performance by the incredible Iqbal Bano of one of Faiz’s poems

Here is Iqbal Bano singing that most amazing of Faiz’s work Dasht-e-Tanhai (Wasteland of solitude)