We have often wondered what led so many Germans to just sat by or appeared to ‘collaborate’ during the Jewish genocide, or the Rwandans to engage in mass slaughter of each other, or the Serbians to look away as Sarajevo burned, or the Pakistanis to celebrate the slaughter of the Bengali. And many more such situations that leave so many ‘civilized’ and ‘decent’ people asking themselves that old question: how can a people do this to another?

Well, this is how we do it.

Civilized, decent people very much like ourselves, very much like our neighbors, reveal the lies, hyperbole, ethnic hate, religious delusions, ethno-centric racism that is worn easily and comfortably and thousands of innocents will quietly bleed, die and disappear. And all along we will go about convinced that we were just, civilized and humane. We refuse to raise our consciousness and our sense of morality and justice above primitive ethnic, religious, and nationalist allegiances.

Max Blumenthal continues to reveal an ugly side of our society that today has become a force so contorting that it is simply murderous and genocidal. And yes, what is happening in the name of Israel, in the name of ‘liberty’ and ‘civilization’ – what has been happening there for over 100 years, is an ethnic cleansing, a ethnic genocide of a people who are ‘not Jews’. And it is events such as this, held on the very streets of our very modern city, that fuel it all.

And lets be honest: a strain of American Jewry – more fundamentalist, rabid and hate filled than anything we can find elsewhere, is fueling murder and slaughter. There is so much evidence of it that even Israeli journalists have had to step up to expose it – see Akiva Eldar’s piece called U.S. tax dollars fund rabbi who excused killing gentile babies.

And then there was this recent discussion, thanks for Tikum Olam, that sent chills down my spine (click the CC to get the english translation):

On the streets of New York City, they are dancing in anticipation of Palestinian blood. They are calling for kill. They are lusting for death. And we still have to wonder how the Germans, or the Rwandans, or the Serbians did it? Right under our noses, and right where our fine media, with its self-proclaimed liberal and civilized values, finds it impossible to report, reveal and condemn.

Never again…..indeed!