All Muslims Are Terrorists And We All Know It’s True Because The TV Says So

Nikolas D. Kristof is upset. The New York Times columnist is dismayed at ‘… how venomous and debased the discourse about Islam has become…’ More recently he even went so far as to offer a ‘collective’ apology on behalf of ‘us’ i.e. Americans to the ‘Islamic’ collective, saying that

I’m sickened when I hear such gentle souls lumped in with Qaeda terrorists, and when I hear the faith they hold sacred excoriated and mocked. To them and to others smeared, I apologize.

As always, Mr. Kristof has no sense of irony. Had he any he would have realized he is a columnist for a publication that has been consistently responsible for a shallow, narrow, derogatory, clichéd, sensationalist, reductive, and yes racist representation of Muslims and the broader Muslim world. Details »

My Home Is Under Threat By Hoards Of Burqa Clad Barbarians…Oh Wait, I Am That Burqa Clad Barbarian!

The fast decline of European society towards the easy and seductive comforts of bigotry is truly a sight to behold. Rarely has a region with such a rich, and diverse intellectual, philosophical and cultural history demonstrated such a speedy reversion to infantile thoughtlessness and recklessly paranoid, and frankly, moronic thinking. And I use the word ‘moron’ not as a word of abuse, but as the original medical term that referred to adults with a mental age of about 5 – 12 years. Details »

Going Back To Go Forward Or Why A Book May Hold The Secret To A New Photographic Adventure

It was once quite fashionable amongst photojournalists to argue that ‘too much information’ about a situation, conflict, region, culture, society, subject or story could confuse and damage a photographic work. I remember at least a handful of interviews with ‘major’ photographers where they each claimed that they went into situations and stories such that they were not ‘influenced’ by readings and open to the experiences and inspirations from actual experience. I always felt that this was yet another weak attempt to veil what can only be described as intellectual laziness behind the obfuscating language of ‘the creative process’. It was quite obvious that the works being produced from complex socio-economic environments were riddled with simplicities, banal clichés and a frankly egregious and irresponsible disconnect from the broader social, political, economic and cultural factors that defined the nature of the ‘social pathology’ the photographers were focusing on. Details »

They Set A Koran On Fire…And Nothing Happened

Ironically, tradition suggests that burning is one of the best ways of disposing pages of holy texts. As this video attempts to demonstrate an apparent act of ‘Christian’ faith, I can’t help but be amused by the sheer anti-climactic end of the video.

Nothing happens. Details »