Ironically, tradition suggests that burning is one of the best ways of disposing pages of holy texts. As this video attempts to demonstrate an apparent act of ‘Christian’ faith, I can’t help but be amused by the sheer anti-climactic end of the video.

Nothing happens.

Much bluster, doom-and-gloom, the devil-is-amongst-us, talk ends with a guy desperately pouring petrol on a copy of the Koran and watching it burn with a rather lame flame. And yet nothing happens. The video ends. That is it. The world remains unchanged.

There are thousands preparing to demonstrate against the burning of the Koran on September 11th, 2010. I ask, why bother?

The faith, for those who truly believe, exists not merely in the printed pages, but as a divinely offered gift, in word and poetry that transcends its physical manifestation. It was for this reason the Koran was not even printed in the earliest years of the faith. It is why millions memorize it. It is meant to be spoken, sung and expressed. Like texts of all faiths, it lives in the heart and the soul, above the physical, and written into the existential.

Much as burning the flag does not dismantle the republic, burning a copy of a book will not affect the religion, nor the belief of those committed to it. So let them burn the Koran I say. These impotent acts of ignorance, these overt gestures of hate, these carefully crafted theatrics, have little or nothing to do with the religions they attack, the objects they desecrate or the faiths they in fact claim to be defending and acting on behalf of.

Watch the video again.

Notice that when the Koran is set on fire, nothing happens.

Nothing changes.

Nothing is lost.

Nothing is revealed.

Nothing is desecrated.

The world, the faiths, the believers, the committed, the message, the text remain unchanged.

We dishonor ourselves with these petty protests, while remaining silent in the face of genuine crimes. As the United States of America, my home and adopted nation, continues its brutalities¬† in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, retains its torture centers around the globe, hides behind false legalisms to maintain Guantanamo and a regime of torture, abducts and assassinates even its own citizens at will and at the behest of powerful individuals, surrounds itself with costumes of ‘christian charity’, we would do well to remember the things that we should be protesting against.

There are genuine crimes being committed in our names, and thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives being torn apart. There are genuine issues we should march out against, raise our voices against, stand against. Cheap and impotent acts of desecration are unworthy of our attention for they mean nothing, and affect nothing.