From Moksha by Fazal Sheikh

What has always impressed me about Fazal Sheikh is his intelligence and willingness to engage in the complete complexity of the human conditions he documents. There is no attempt to avoid the difficult, or to elide the embarassing. His eye is precise and spectacularly beautiful. His voice is balanced and calm, refusing to use hysteria or sensationalism to distract us. The issues are clearly offered, in their social, economic and historical difficulties, and with no interest in making them ‘entertaining’ or simple. This is absolutely stunning photojournalistic work and certainly some of the finest that is being produced today. Fazal’s eye is unique, his intelligence unencumbered by the need to appease or reduce. Fazal supports his photographs with text, testimonies and personal statements – a trait I love and respect. Fazal Sheikh’s three projects on India – Moksha, Ladli and The Circle, are absolutely remarkable productions, and worthy of having on the bookshelf. The book versions are stunning – beautifully printed, intelligently organized and exquisitely produced.