My friends at the wonderful dvafoto pointed towards NPR Music’s wonderful Tiny Desk Concerts music series. They had recently featured the talented and evocative Jim White’s performance on the program. And as much as I love Jim White, having first his beautiful poetry when I saw the film Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus, (full disclosure: it was while watching this film that I fell in love with Melissa Swingle, then of Trailer Bride, now of The Moaners…I stand guilty as accused!) I was excited to see that one of my current favorites – The Tallest Man On Earth a.k.a.Kristian Matsson has also performed on this series.

Just watch his performance…its simply intoxicating.

He is another musician with a wonderful poetic sensibility, a very unique (though compared to Bob Dylan’s) voice and a style that is so attuned to the public performance that it seems a shame that I have not seen more of him live.

Just lovely music.