The Facing Change Collective And Why It Is Not Like The Farm Security Administration

A new photographer’s collective takes on America’s social deprivations and economic struggles. Facing Change describes itself as a non-profit collective of dedicated photojournalists and writers coming together to explore America and to build a forum to chart its future.

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The Afghan War Now On The Menu Or What Happens If You Stick Your Head Really Far Up Your A**

MREs — Meals Ready to Eat — photos of everything on the menu for soliders from many different cultures who are all fighting in Afghanistan © Ashley Gilbertson / VII Network via Lens Culture

The embedded photojournalist is now so bored that he is photographing food. You can see the entire piece by clicking on the image above.

And this at a moment when civilians continue to die in an unjust war, an illegal war, and an absolutely unnecessary one. Things are so bad that our erstwhile puppet, a one Mr. Hamid Karzai, is complaining about it and doing it loudly. But of course, as Glenn Greenwald has pointed out, such expression of ‘freedom’ are not for the people we are apparently there to ‘free’. Details »

Delhi Gets A Major Photo Festival And It Is Inviting Submissions

Delhi gets its first major photo festival, and they are inviting submissions. The final pieces are still being put together, including the list of workshops and seminars so I will not say much more than that. Details »

Silent No Longer Or Photojournalists Take On Poverty In America

In an earlier post I had argued, pointing to a series of social and economic statistics,I argued that faced with the dire economic realities of today’s America, the silence of the photographers was confusing and disappointing.

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