Trevor Paglen Draws Us A Blank Or Things We Know We Don’t Know And Those That We Don’t Know We Know

I have written about Trevor Paglen’s amazing photographic works before, particularly his use of advanced optics to peek into America’s secret military sites. In a post written earlier called Photographing The Unseen Or What Conventional Photojournalism Is Not Telling Us About Ourselves I discussed his work and what it could possibly tell us more conventional photographers about the issues of our times and the subjects we have yet to tackle. Details »

Looking Back: Slough, UK, September 2007

Easter Mass, Slough

From the series The New Poland: Slough, UK

Looking Back: Gandakosa, Northern Iraq, January 2005

Mourners, Gandakosa, Northern Iraq, January 2005

From the series Between The Cross And The Kalashnikov: The Struggle of Iraq’s Assyrian Christians