The Surprising Silence In The Face Of The Dictator [UPDATED]

I have been confused by the critical silence about Sasha Baron Cohen’s new film The Dictator. I suppose it is always confusing when in the face of a product singularly based on the idea of stringing together a couple of hours worth of racial, societal, cultural and ethnic stereotypes and hoping to get a laugh out of them receives no critical commentary.

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Maggie Steber’s Rite Of Passage

Its been a long time since I last wrote on this blog. In fact, in a recent discussion with Prison Photography’s Pete Brook’s I even declared the blog near dead. But frankly I have not had the heart to shut it down because each time I do I find that someone is still reading it and insisting on discussing it with me. So it remains alive, though I do have to get back to writing more and speaking less. I seem to be making my arguments in person these days and avoiding putting down on the blog. Details »