Workshop Poster (small)

Offered in collaboration with the Initiative of Journalism & Media at the Lahore University School of Managements Sciences (LUMS), where I am an artist-in-residence. This is a workshop is best suited for those who have some experience working in journalism, but are looking to move towards a more narrative, and personal approach to photography.

The workshop will explore ways in which text and images work together, and how new narratives and issues can be explored by opening ourselves to the possibility of starting with the word, and arriving at the image. The focus will be on how to design a project, and how to execute it in the field, but with a strong focus on how to think through an issue, its different aspects and angles, and what visual approach to use to document and narrate it. The workshop will push the students to go beyond the classic photojournalism methodology, and break through the confines of a linear story-telling structure.

Please contact me at [email protected] or kiran nazish at [email protected] to apply. We are looking for no more than 9 students.