Searching For Subtle Stories In A Land Of Absolute Truths

People are often confused when I tell them that I do not really know what I am doing.

It seems that photographers are expected to speak about their works and stories with greater clarity and conviction than I am often able to muster. This becomes especially problematic when I am out in the field and working on what can only be described as an intuition desperately trying to evolve into an idea, and be born as a photo project. People think that I am working on ‘a project’, when in fact all I am doing is following an instinct, fully aware that it may amount to nothing. I have done this a number of times in the past, and at times returned with nothing more than contact sheets, a smaller bank account, and unforgettable, and inevitably retrospect, invaluable experiences and insights. A couple of times these trips have yielded a major project, such as the speculative one I made to Ayodhya, India in 2008. Nevertheless these seemingly aimless trips are perhaps the most exciting thing I do as a photographer. And I am on one now, at this moment, in Bosnia’s Drina Valley. Details »

Documentary Film: The Photographer from Riga

A documentary worth watching, a photographer worth respecting. I am increasingly drawn to such simple, pure works – without artifice, without pretensions, without that desperate hint at bravado, cool or edginess that taints so much for what passes for documentary photography and photojournalism today. In fact, Inta Ruka’s technique may be a harbinger of what is to come – a cleansing of all the flash, dash, glitz and photo-shopped trickery that has ruined the purity of the craft. Details »