Musings And Confusions – 28 September 2013

I am in Dhaka teaching a workshop at Counter Foto. The students have been launched towards a series of rather interesting projects despite an initial series of story suggestions that were largely trapped in classical conventions of photojournalism. The workshop is concentrating on getting them to move past simply making ‘nice’ images, and to start to think about complicated projects that bring together text, statistics, facts, figures, and a point-of-view. A student’s interest in producing a story about the Bihari refugees in Dhaka has been transformed into a complicated family tree exploration of the ‘idea’ of identity across a single family’s bloodline. Another student’s growing awareness Details »

Musings And Confusions – 20 September 2013

From a statement that I read at a recent panel discussion:

…speaking as a photographer, and speaking as an American photographer – it remains shocking to me, that not a single major photojournalists – whether independent or other – has, in the last 13 years, embarked on a major long-term project dedicated to the documentation of the injustices, cruelties, prejudices, and discriminations inflicted on a the Arab / Muslim communities of the USA or of any one of the countries attacked and occupied since 9/11 – not one. Details »

Musings & Confusions – 12 September 2013

In this video, the founder of some video analysis firm that has design algorithms that parse video and turn it into data, inadvertently becomes an excellent example of the stupidity and paranoia that is embedded in anything that man designs. trying to impress us by connecting a bland pitch for his company to a contemporary issue, he tells us how his algorithms pars YouTube videos being posted by people in Syria to look for data. his example – last month we say a Kalashnikov machine gun in videos 5 times, and this month we saw it 25 times, this jump is significant. you can already see how idiotic this analysis is on so many levels – that what may be nothing other than say a lazy videographer and lover of guns filming the same gun 5 times more often, is transformed to ‘imply’ an increase in armament, or a ratcheting up of the violence, or anything of significance. Details »

Speaking In New York At The Open Society Institute: Ungrievable Lives & Unintended Consequences: Pakistan, US and “War On Terror”

This panel with Sarah Belal, Director of Justice Project Pakistan, author and academic Saadia Toor (author of the excellent new book The State of Islam: Culture and Cold War Politics in Pakistan, and Open Society Fellow Asim Rafiqui, will examine the human costs of the “war on terror” for Pakistanis and its implications for the rule of law, governance, and justice in Pakistan. Details »

Bagram: The Other Guantanamo Campaign Website

The Bagram prisoner campaign website is now up, and we will continue to post new stories and new legal and other documents at the site in the coming weeks. The full report put together by JPP can also be found on the site – it is worth a read. We have separated its key recommendations section for easier access and reading. Details »