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The Greatest Denial – Israel And The Erasure Of The Past, The Present And Any Future

On the Side of the Road – OFFICIAL TRAILER from Naretiv Productions on Vimeo.

Listening Only To Those We Recognise As Us

Lewis Bush of the Disphotic blog asks: Why is a documentary on a foreign war correspondent, who had the choice to pack up and leave but decided to stay, and died as a consequences, considered more important, compelling or appealing than a documentary about a resident who had no choice but stay and die? Is it […]

The Moral And Intellectual Cowardice Of Josef Koudelka

I wanted to give this post a gentler title. I wanted to do that because I have been an admirer of Koudelka’s work for years, considering his book Gypsies to be one of the most important influences in pushing me to become a photographer. For me he has always been the photographer famous for his […]

Visualizing Palestine Needs Your Support

Please give your support to this amazing group of designers on the Visualizing Palestine project. They are only half way to their fund-raising campaign and every dollar makes a difference. It is an intelligent and informed analysos of the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and of Israeli’s continued racist policies both […]

Congressional Disappearences And Drone Victim Appearences

They–Rafeeq, Zubair, and Nabeela–travelled all the way from North Waziristan to give testimony to the US Congress about the devastation and suffering caused in their communities by the American and Pakistani drone attacks. It was the first time that victims of drone attacks were “permitted” to actually stand face-to-face with those defining and defending the […]