An impressive set of articles in the latest issue of the American Association of University Professor’s (AAUP) Journal. All the essays are in PDF format and can be read and downloaded from their site. Joan Scott offers a powerful reason for why this question has to be examined by the American academy, and why supporting the calls for a boycott and university divestment are crucial.

The American academy has been particularly complicit in perpetuating the fiction of Israeli democracy—its leaders seek to protect Israel from its critics, even as they also seek to protect themselves from the wrath of the organized lobbies who speak on behalf of the current Israeli regime and its policy of establishing academic outposts in illegal settlements. This, it seems to me, is ill advised, since so much of Israeli politics right now is at odds with the best values of the American educational system. Paradoxically, it is because we believe so strongly in principles of academic freedom that a strategic boycott of the state that so abuses it makes sense right now. 



(Thanks to Vijay Prashad)