CJS Panel Poster (for web)I am in New York starting February 24th to participate in a series of panel discussions and presentations at universities and possibly other venues. The event above, made possible with the generous support of Nina Berman – founding member of NOOR photo agency and a professor at the journalism school at Columbia, is actually our second scheduled event. The first, a panel discussion at CUNY, will be announced shortly and will be held on the evening of the 24th.

I am joined at the Columbia event by three remarkable women each of whom has in her own way informed and influenced my work in Pakistan. Sarah Belal and I have worked closely together the past months to produce the Bagram Prisoner Campaign. Saadia Toor, author of the excellent book State of Islam: Culture And Cold War Politics in Pakistan, remains an important influence on the direction of my project, and Madiha Tahir, an intrepid writer, journalist and filmmaker was among the first voices I read that helped put the policies of the ‘war on terror’ in their rightful human and moral perspective. She recently released her documentary film Wounds of Waziristan that explores the human cost of the joint American-Pakistani drone campaign in the region. Dean Steve Coll – author of the powerful work Ghost Wars will moderate our discussion. I will announce the other events as we finalized the details.

Please join us.