Our final presentation is now online thanks to the remarkable Develop Photo and the always interesting Erica McDonald. You can click on the image below or here and go to the Develop Photo site to see a video. With only 24 hours to put things together into a coherent idea we obviously had to leave many a detail aside. There were also some interface design concerns and we were unable to work through the specific details of how it should look in its final form. Kati much preferred a more intense, in-your-face style, while I was more drawn to a subtler and quieter design to highlight the image epicenters. However, we arrived at a compromise and left it at that, concentrating instead on presenting the broader concept and approach.

Facebook Grab

Aside: I do want to draw your attention to one thing in particular before you watch this compelling presentation….I have since gotten a haircut and am now sporting a totally new style. I just wanted to point that out as I believe that highlighting such details are a core part of what makes me the photographer that I am. Thank you for your attention.