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Till Palestine

The Palestinian Mohammad Assaf wins the Arab Idol content.

Rethinking Africa Or How Not To Talk About Your Africa Photo Project

The American photographer Pete Muller’s is working on a long-term project called Rethinking The Enemy: Men, Masculinity And Violence, that he claims attempts to: …understand the causes of male-perpetrated violence,” He explains that he is: …working around the hypothesis that when men are not able to achieve what are often rigid standards of what makes successful manhood, […]

My Love For You Will Last…For As Long As You Are of Value

Neoliberalist subjectivity, then, is about bringing a mentality of “winning” to every aspect of life — every little thing is a performance, a contest — while being forever discontented with the fruits of such success. The winning and losing is mediated by metrics, which induce one to assent to more invasive surveillance. The surveillance merely […]