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Quietly they are releasing them … the very people the Americans claimed were battle hardened terrorists bent on the destruction of the civilized world in order to create a new fanatic world order and other such absolute lies, are being sent home, many after a decade or more of unjust imprisonment. so where are these claims and accusations now? Where is all that evidence if their ‘terrorism’ now? Why this shameful, sheepish ‘in the dark’ return? Why, if they are so insane and violent, are they being sent home?

Perhaps because, as we rightly accused the Bush and the Obama administration, the US government has been lying. Even a modicum of common sense and adherence to a due process would have revealed all this. Now, with collusion of the Pakistani officials who previously did nothing, and may have had a hand in selling innocent men to the Americans in the first place, they are simply being sent home.

Threats of violence will of course be employed to keep them silent.