When All Else Fails, Give Them Our Games…

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They tried invasions, occupations, complete imperial rule. They tried bunker-busting bombs, Uranium tipped missiles. They have tried drones, and night raids, and torture and indefinite detention. They have tried the full weight of a rhetoric of love of man and human rights. And now they will try the….skate board. Yes, apparently the greatest threat to the women of Afghanistan is not the ongoing environment of violence and war singularly instantiated and perpetuated by the American and NATO military machine. Never mind that the now 15 years of hell that has been the collective punishment of the Afghani people for an act they had nothing to do with. Never mind the illegality of the continued presence of foreign troops. Never mind that the war continues, and that the most independent, outspoken and determined women’s organisations, and women’s voices, are demanding a complete, unconditional departure of the ISAF forces. Never mind those pesky Afghani women’s voices. For here we have the acceptable ones, the dependent ones, the quiet ones, the grateful ones, for us to show the world, and to show our humane and gentle site.

The white man’s struggle to free the brown woman from the hideous clutches of the hideous brown man, knows no limit or exhaustion. His benevolence so great, that gifts come in pairs. Drones with skateboards. Torture with mobile phones. Indefinite detention with MTV. Military occupation with McDonald’s. Take your pick. If you pick one, you are dead. If you pick the other, you are liberated.

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