Monthly Archives: March 2016

An Incomplete Triump

“Don’t shoot, you cannot kill ideas!” Surrendering Cuban revolutionary, after the failed attack against the Moncada garrison, Cuba. Within hours of Thomas Sankara’s assassination, the French government sent messages of congratulations to the coup leadership. But the job was not as yet done and within hours of his assassination they begin destroying Sankara’s economic and […]

Revolutions As Incomplete Acts Or The Work Is Just Beginning

“People say that have we have won,” He says pensively. “I fear that there may yet be defeat in our victory.” I am sitting in Zinaba’s one room apartment. Papers, file folders, books, pamphlets, computer print-outs, newspapers, magazines and what appear to be photocopied versions of books lie strewn over every flat surface. The bed, […]

Reimagining Society

“This is a somewhat troublesome man, [this] Thomas Sankara.” Francois Mitterrand, 1986 Fanon had warned that bourgeois anti-colonial nationalism was really only aimed at capturing the structures of colonialism for its own benefit. He had argued that the goal of the bourgeoisie’s project was “…to transfer into native hands those unfair advantages which are the legacy […]