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European / Western wish for innocence, for purity of spirit, takes tens of millions of dollars to keep up. All sorts of bizarre, racist, programs have to be designed, and all sorts of institutions – scientific, civic, policing, political, social and cultural, are unleashed onto the unthinking citizenry, to seduce and numb them back to their place of quiet subservience and obedience. Here, the French yet again prove their determine war against truth and history. Just as before they spent tens of millions erasing their colonial legacy, their Algerian nightmare, their massacres on the streets, and their social and economic discrimination of a large percentage of their citizens, they are now aiming at any remembrance, or evidence, of the fact that France has been a nation at war in the Middle East, and West Africa, for over a decade now.

And hence, science – that easily manipulated and abused human endeavor, is put to the task:

A scientific committee to research the reasons for radicalisation and terrorism is also being established, with university grants for related studies. France’s intelligence and security services are to be given more staff and money.

Science was the hand-maiden of racism and its child, eugenics, it offered the justification for colonial takeover and repression, it justified genocidal madness against the wogs. Science, that apparently great achievement of Europe, that has offered us, we are told, the miracle of the iPod, with the small price we had to pay to do it, in the form of genocidal deaths of a few hundred million brown/black/yellow wogs.

And so, the French now search ‘high and low’, employing anthropologists, ethnographers, sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and many more ‘scientists’ to figure out through ‘rigorous’ research, as to why these barbaric brown bodies are constantly drawn to animal like violence, inexplicable violence, unprovoked violence, unnecessary violence, unjustified violence, and simply inhuman violence.

The prime minister of France, Manuel Valls, said fighting the appeal of “deadly” doctrines was the greatest challenge the country faced in more than 70 years. He said there had to be a “general mobilisation” of all sectors of society to fight the problem following the terrorist attacks in Paris last year. ‘There was nobody to help me stop my son joining Isis’

Radicalisation and terrorism are linked. We are faced with a stubborn phenomenon that has widely spread through society and which threatens it because it could expand massively,” Valls said.”

Indeed, for this is the ‘greatest challenge’, simply because it is also the hardest to sell to the citizens. As a broken and hollow French social and economic space is veiled from its unthinking citizenry, as fear and paranoia have become necessary to distract the people from their own dispossession and the destruction of their rights, it is indeed one of the ‘greatest challenges’, not because it exists, but because it will be a very, very hard sell.

And so, racism will be further enshrined in political policy, in policing policy, in social policy, in welfare policy and in social and cultural discourse. And this isn’t even Le Pen, but our ‘republic’ loving, liberal government, cementing the role of ‘the brown / black’ as suspicion, as fearsome, as dangerous, as deviant, as prone to acts of senseless violence, as fragile and a ticking time bomb.

la république est morte, vive la république