I Am Not A Racist, Though I Am In Agreement With Them

This may be how our new racists speak – veiling their bigoted, essentialist xenophobia behind a carefully crafted language that displaces their racism onto unnamed others, while subtly agreeing with then. As in this terrifyingly national and ‘clash of civilisation’ qualifying paragraphs:
“Today’s Western nationalists argue, also plausibly, that many European distinctives are unlikely to survive if nation-states are weak, mass immigration constant, Christianity and Judaism replaced by indifferentism and Islam, and young elites educated as global citizens without knowing their own home.

This nationalist argument comes in racist forms, but it need not be the white nationalism that Trump’s liberal critics read into his speech. It can just be a species of conservatism, which prefers to conduct cultural exchange carefully and forge new societies slowly, lest stability suffer, memory fail and important things be lost.”

…”conduct cultural exchange carefully”… indeed, one wishes the europeans had thought of that when they raped and pillaged their way across the world to becoming slave traders, colonisers and genocidiares!

or when they pillaged their way across afghanistan, iraq, libya, somalia, vietnam, to name just a few.

strangely, a few darkies at our doors from nations we rape provoke these insipid op-eds, while the millions of darkies we slaughter and murder, whose homes and lives we rent asunder, seem not to pique our concern. 

careful cultural exchange is a lovely concern. 

this modern day racism is now smack in the pages of The New York Times. we should not be surprised given this paper’s long history of Islamophobic bigotry and anti-Black equality positions over the decades. It isn’t an overt racism, which is what makes it complex to see – it is, like this Op/Ed, veiled behind sweeping essentialism and caricatures that deny the hybridity of our actual lives, that utilises Orientalist and racist presumptions and generalisations voiced in polite and ‘managerial’ language of ‘progress’ and ‘tolerance’ and ‘balance’ and ‘moderation’.

Read this piece again, but shred the moderation embodied in it. It is a crassly nationalist, xenophobic scream that uses the worst of cultural essentialism, birth rate bigotry and anti-immigrant hate but does it with supreme politeness.

The New York Times – its editors continue to demonstrate their moral emptiness, their intellectual shallowness and their ethical indifference. From hiring racist, climate-change deniers, to retaining war monger pundits, to shilling their pages to Christian fundamentalist White Supremacist, this is not a paper of record, but increasingly a rag of ridiculousness!

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