The Polis Project…Is Up And Running

If you can’t join them, then just do it on your own.

We launched a new collective focused on research, reportage and resistance. The specific goals and objectives are being developed as we speak, but the idea is a simple one: to collect under one banner a group of individuals from different fields – artists, writers, academics, photographers, intellectuals, poets and others, who are consistently working against the grain. In this time of collective conformity, and a media sycophancy to power and extremism, some of us felt the need to create a small space where people are still determined to refuse the agendas of political power, debilitating capitalism, nationalist extremism and neoliberal idiocy, and remain fools in their hearts, and idealists in their souls.

Or something as close to that as possible. As yet. As until tomorrow.

The brilliant, and fabulous Suchitra Vijayan leads this group of wayward souls towards our uncertain horizons. But we are, in our small, unimpressive way, leaving behind our silent shores and heading forth. Sink or swim, there are no more options left. It is an experiment, and something that will push us to think harder, and to confront more clearly. And in the process, hopefully, add our insignificant voices and works to those of the brave and courageous already struggling against erasure, silencing and dismissal.

So follow us online – Facebook, website or whatever. There are regular series of talks taking place as yet mostly in New York. We are also designing a decolonising photography seminar and workshop series and will announce those shortly. For example, here is Maaza Mengiste from last week talking about things unseen and unheard:

And here is an event to be held this week, a video of which will also be uploaded for those who cannot make it:

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