Why I Never Graduated From College And Other Joys

Read: Martha Nussbaum’s “Cultivating Humanity”

I never invited my parents to my college graduation. I remember their confusion at my lack of enthusiasm towards the idea of their coming to the city and attending this event that was meant to signal the ‘completion’ of an education and the entry of a learned and prepared mind into the world.  I never quite felt any sense of ‘completion’, nor was convinced of bring prepared to face anything outside the environs of the university.  Details »

The Meaning of Ayodhya: A Question of Beginnings

The destruction of the Babri mosque is a wound that continues to fester within the very heart of India.  For many, in India and in Pakistan, the city evokes nothing but memories of those dark days when the mosque was stormed and torn down with fists and hammers.  Mention Ayodhya and an uncomfortable silence surrounds a gathering because this once quiet, gentle and holy city has today become a synonymous with violence, division, sectarian hate, and unresolved matters of history. Details »

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