The Bagram Prisoner Campaign At Brown University’s Watson Institute

The exhibition is a purely digital one. However, it is accompanied by perhaps one of the first video interviews I have ever given – Professor Zamindar was very convincing, and only the second time I have spoken extensively about the idea behind the project called Law & Disorder: A People’s History of the Law In Pakistan. The Watson Institute website will feature the video and other information about the work in the coming days. The previous extensive interview, also done by a trusted friend, was featured on dvafoto and can be found here.

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Three Cheers For Utopias And Dreamers


Occupy Wall Street.

For many, even those here in the very city that gave birth to it, it is now but a distant memory. Even those ‘hangers on’ I met celebrating it in fashionable bars and events in Williamsburg and DUMBO, have moved onto other fashionable causes. I remember distinctly that none of those who were actually living out in the tents and on the pavements, the ones who were risking their bodies and their futures facing the brutality of the New York police, seemed to be at these events. It was mostly Prada-wearing editors from fancy ‘editorial’ publications and publishers of books trying to make a living off the movement that was made up mostly of idealists, dreamers, and desperate people from all walks of America’s life. Today people talk about OWS and wash down their cynical words with a smirk if not a laugh. It is spoken about as if it was, for a brief moment, a game some misguided people played, and then simply walked away – something nothing more than a summer festival where a few young kids had a great time, pretended to stand against ‘the system’ and then had to return to their homes and to their day jobs.

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Hip Hop From Ghana…Need I Say More!

What I Am Not Watching: Planet of The Arabs – YouTube

Planet of The Arabs – YouTube.

How I Spent The Summer of 2014…


It now turns out….in New York City actually!

Sometimes things take a most unexpected turn, and you find yourself in the most unexpected places. I am moving to New York City for three months starting in late March, to continue working on my research and writings for the Pakistan Justice project, speaking at various academic and other institutions on the East Coast, exploring further possibilities of the ideas we generated in the Columbia Journalism School’s BitbyBit hackathon and to begin work on a new photo project in the USA.

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Presenting “Law & Disorder” At The Hipster Hasidim Haven Of “Chulent” in Brooklyn – March 13th, 11 pm


This may possibly be my strangest presentation yet, but one I am incredibly excited about. I have been invited to speak at the Ocean Parkway Jewish Center at their Thursday night event called ‘Chulent’. Chulent refers to the Saturday food of the Jews – a stew packed with beans and meat and a favorite at Sabbath lunch because it can be cooked before sundown on Friday and kept simmering for hours on end. Chulent the party however is a gathering of the eclectic, the once purely orthodox but now willing to explore the world of ideas and spirituality and more outside of the confines of the strictly pure. Details »

The Final BitByBit Presentation – Making Photography Interactive

Our final presentation is now online thanks to the remarkable Develop Photo and the always interesting Erica McDonald. You can click on the image below or here and go to the Develop Photo site to see a video. With only 24 hours to put things together into a coherent idea we obviously had to leave many a detail aside. There were also some interface design concerns and we were unable to work through the specific details of how it should look in its final form. Kati much preferred a more intense, in-your-face style, while I was more drawn to a subtler and quieter design to highlight the image epicenters. However, we arrived at a compromise and left it at that, concentrating instead on presenting the broader concept and approach. Details »

New York University, 28th February 2014 – Re-Presenting Pakistan: Journalism, Justice & The War On Terror

NYU Panel Poster (for web)

Our Modernity And Old Questions Or Szarkowski Sees Eggleston And The Tomorrow


I saw the image above – from Alec Soth’s Instagram feed, and said to myself: I hope Alec will read John Szarkowski’s introductory essay to his son. I have never completely agreed with Szarkowski but that hasn’t meant that I am dismissive of him as a critic, and a thinker when it comes to the art of photography. The essay he wrote to introduce the book that Alec’s son is holding in the picture above – William Eggleston’s Guide is actually a rather prescient and insightful one. There are two points in particular that Szarkowski makes that I believe remain relevant to our imagined ‘heady’ times as far as photographer is concerned. Details »

New Paths From Old Dead Ends

Last summer we made our way to Bosnia and Serbia, ostensibly to, as I then described, explore:

…how people create history through memory, myths, bedtime tales, family stories, personal anecdotes, official commemorations and collective rumors. The idea is to understand how histories are created, memories perpetuated, myths passed on, and animosities maintained. About how if you refuse to speak and confront modern history, you leave an entire world open to mythology, rumor, fabrication, and perhaps most dangerously, personal injustices, and visions of revenge. That where there is no reconciliation, confrontation, accommodation, and acknowledgment, there will always remain a sense of being wronged, and denied.

It wasn’t the most successful of trips, despite the fact that we found most of what we were looking for. What we did not find was a clear and precise narrative structure that would allow us to pull this together into a coherent piece of work. What we did find were layers and layers of overlapping, and often contradictory histories, each vying for authenticity, and each backed by ‘hard’ facts. Details »