The Evolution In Photo Project Design Continues – New Challenges And Some Obstacles

I have had to step away from things. I am still exhausted from the discussions in New York, and their implications. These trips always leave me excited but also overwhelmed. In some ways the new projects have been clarified, in others ways they have become more demanding. Some days I am ready to sit and write prodigiously, and on other days I just want to retreat from the tasks ahead. At this moment, I am in the retreat phase. But, some transformations are taking place as I wrote in my last post. The new image – text structure is being worked on and it has simplified much, and offered new possibilities for future works. Details »

Burqa Swaq Or Burqa Drag?

Burqa Swag? In a rather strange, and uninformed piece in The Guardian, Arwa Mahdawi claims that:

There’s a certain glamour associated with the pariah status that, much as we might like to think otherwise, Muslims bear in western societies. Cavorting with the Muslim world generates a kind of transgression by proxy for the savvy pop star. Details »

Musings & Confusions – 12 September 2013

In this video, the founder of some video analysis firm that has design algorithms that parse video and turn it into data, inadvertently becomes an excellent example of the stupidity and paranoia that is embedded in anything that man designs. trying to impress us by connecting a bland pitch for his company to a contemporary issue, he tells us how his algorithms pars YouTube videos being posted by people in Syria to look for data. his example – last month we say a Kalashnikov machine gun in videos 5 times, and this month we saw it 25 times, this jump is significant. you can already see how idiotic this analysis is on so many levels – that what may be nothing other than say a lazy videographer and lover of guns filming the same gun 5 times more often, is transformed to ‘imply’ an increase in armament, or a ratcheting up of the violence, or anything of significance. Details »

An Idea Of The Modern

The writer Amit Chaudhuri, someone whose works I have long admired, recently gave a short interview to The White Review where he discussed his new work Calcutta: Two Years In The City. The interview, conducted by Anita Sethi, takes place, we are told…

…almost 5,000 miles away from Calcutta: we meet in central London one freezing cold day in February.

And yet she claims that despite the distance – in geography, experience and I would argue urban imaginations, Chuadhuri’s conversation allows them to be…

…imaginatively transported into the heat of Calcutta, the central character of the new book, which the author explores in all its complexities and contradictions. One can almost see, smell, taste and touch the life of the city’s streets and its inhabitants.

What follows is a fairly ordinary interview – probably commissioned as a result of Chaudhuri’s publisher’s efforts to get him exposure for his new work in the all-important market of the UK, where he discusses his thoughts of the Indian modern, literary influences and his reasons for writing the book.

What was really striking about Chaudhuri’s responses was that all his references – whether literary and others, were Western. There is no non-European here, let alone an India, an Asia or even something remotely related. Details »

The Jihad…Reconsidered And Renewed

Thanks to Amitava Kumar

For those who are concerned – the ad has been pulled!

Carolina Chocolate Drops Release An Album And There Is Joy In The Land

The Carolina Chocolate Drops

Genuine Negro Jig - The Carolina Chocolate Drops

I wrote about the Carolina Chocolate drops some months back in a post called Yes, Your Taste In Music Sucks Or What MTV Erases and linked to incredible live performance of one of best songs called ‘Hit ‘Em Up Style’. Lead singer Rhiannon Giddens not only has an amazing voice, but she is one hell of a fantastic dancer. Check out this performance:

And of course this fantastic live performance of ‘Hit ‘Em Up Style’ where Giddens is probably at her best.

Now they have a new album. Its time to rush out and get it.