Matt Lutton Takes burn Magazine’s Emerging Photographer Prize And None Too Soon!

From 'Only Unity' by Matt Lutton (All Rights Reserved)

It was a pleasant surprise to learn that Matt Lutton has been awarded the burn Magazine’s ‘Emerging Photographer’ award. The surprise came not from the fact that Matt won the grant, but that a work on a region long forgotten by mainstream media, received a recognition that it so deserves.  So when these two slide came up on the burn magazine page, I shouted with glee! Details »

Maggie Steber’s Rite Of Passage

Its been a long time since I last wrote on this blog. In fact, in a recent discussion with Prison Photography’s Pete Brook’s I even declared the blog near dead. But frankly I have not had the heart to shut it down because each time I do I find that someone is still reading it and insisting on discussing it with me. So it remains alive, though I do have to get back to writing more and speaking less. I seem to be making my arguments in person these days and avoiding putting down on the blog. Details »

Welcome To Yet Another Attempt At A New Year: Occupy Wall Street New Year’s Eve Protest December 31st 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protest December 31st 2011 Zuccotti Park, New York (Click on image to see more) Copy Right Asim Rafiqui 2011 / 2012


Trevor Paglen Draws Us A Blank Or Things We Know We Don’t Know And Those That We Don’t Know We Know

I have written about Trevor Paglen’s amazing photographic works before, particularly his use of advanced optics to peek into America’s secret military sites. In a post written earlier called Photographing The Unseen Or What Conventional Photojournalism Is Not Telling Us About Ourselves I discussed his work and what it could possibly tell us more conventional photographers about the issues of our times and the subjects we have yet to tackle. Details »

Narcissus’ South Asian Progeny Or Careless Talk At The Delhi Photo Festival

Caravaggio’s Narcissus

The Delhi Photo Festival’s, with its inaugural theme of ‘Affinity’, features a number of works that deal with questions of the personal. The festival contains a number of projects that focus on family, friendships, and individuals exploring personal issues with life and love. And much of the work is fascinating, creative and expressive. The personal and private works add an exciting counter point to some of the other exhibitions which reflect a more socially and public engagement. By and large however the festival has kept its feet firmly in the classic concerns of photojournalism even while exhibiting works that are more individual, and experimental. In this regard, the festival has already distinguished itself from many other such photo festivals happening around the world and is off to a wonderful start. Details »

The Facing Change Collective And Why It Is Not Like The Farm Security Administration

A new photographer’s collective takes on America’s social deprivations and economic struggles. Facing Change describes itself as a non-profit collective of dedicated photojournalists and writers coming together to explore America and to build a forum to chart its future.

Details »

Delhi Gets A Major Photo Festival And It Is Inviting Submissions

Delhi gets its first major photo festival, and they are inviting submissions. The final pieces are still being put together, including the list of workshops and seminars so I will not say much more than that. Details »

Silent No Longer Or Photojournalists Take On Poverty In America

In an earlier post I had argued, pointing to a series of social and economic statistics,I argued that faced with the dire economic realities of today’s America, the silence of the photographers was confusing and disappointing.

Details »

Matt Black’s The People Of The Clouds

From People Of The Clouds by Matt Black

Matt Black‘s project People Of The Clouds may be one of the most intelligently thought through pieces of photographic work I have seen in a long time. I just wanted to say that simply and clearly. Details »

Crossing Boundaries Or Where I Realize That Some Of The Most Creative Photographers Are Not Even Photographers

The borders this book crosses again and again are also those where academic writing meets popular journalism, and political poetry encounters the work of documentary photography.

Amitava Kumar, Passport Photos

This [After The Last Sky: Palestinian Lives by Edward Said & Jean Mohr] is not a normal tandem of word and image, neither a coffee table book with a long, glorified caption nor a work of prose propped up here and there by sheaves of shiny pictures. Mr. Said writes to the photos so assiduously and with such effect as to make one powerful essay. And at times, we realize with a sobering lurch, he writes not to the pictures but from them.

Richard Ben Cramer , Acts Of Continuance, The New York Times November 9th, 1986

Details »

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