The Idea of India


Photographers have photography blogs.  I am a photographer but my blog is only superficially about photography and mainly about our modern world and how to understand it.  It also is a temporary repository for the progress of my project, called The Idea Of India, on India’s pluralist heritage.

The writings here are explorations not expositions, though some may sound like the latter.  I am not an expert on anything I speak about, but I am an individual who reads a wide spectrum of literary, historical, and political works and wants to share some of my thoughts and insights.

This is a small personal blog and meant for those who are comfortable exploring uncomfortable ideas and then letting them be.  It it not a battle ground, nor an ideological frontier.  It is a discussion, not a debate.  It is a dialogue, not a diatribe.  Though again, some posts will sound like the latter.

It is an individual’s view of his world, and reflects his belief that to understand our information saturated world and find small sparks of knowledge we have to see the hidden, hear the silenced and read the censored.

Asim Rafiqui, Stockholm Sweden 2008

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