The Idea of India


Please support this project…

By Buying Signed prints

Select an image you like, and email me. All images are printed by me on the highest quality rag inkjet papers.

Each print costs Euro 500.

Through Your Financial Support

Give to the project and support the work.  All contributions are fully refundable anytime.  If you feel that the project has failed to meet your expectations, just email me and I will return your contribution.  Each contribution will be recorded and accounted for.

You can contribute directly through Paypal by sending funds to my Paypal account: <[email protected]>

Or if you prefer to use check or wire transfer, please email me and I can send you the details.

With Ideas

Send me suggestions and ideas.  All contributions will be acknowledged and recognized here. You can send me suggestions, you can even send me an essay that you may have written.  I will review it and post it on the site and add you as a contributor to the project.

By Sharing The Project

Tell your friends, colleagues, family members and anyone else about the project, the site and even the individual pieces.

By Reading By Essays

Or, just read the writings regularly.  Your reading is an important source of support as well.

Thank you all.

Thank you for everything.

Asim Rafiqui

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